Empowered You

 Presented by Sonderyn


Tools for Embodying Your Authentic Self 

Join us for a dynamic, interactive 3 session, half-day workshop specifically geared to providing women with powerful tools and insights.  Empowered You is designed to enable you to make new choices, to help you connect with your inner intelligence and begin to live from your inspiration, inner knowing and child-like enthusiasm, and feel being connected, authentic, and empowered in your life.

Saturday, February 20, 2016
8:30 to 12:30 pm
Pathways Holistic Center
134 W Harvard, #6 (upstairs)
Fort Collins, CO 80525

The three presentations are designed to guide you to embracing your Empowered, True Self in a new way. Everyone will receive a handmade journal to guide you through the tools and exercises that are presented throughout the day, and beyond, as you continue your journey towards a life of Empowered and Authentic Self Expression.

Sage Advice for the Changing Times   

Clarify with Robyn Dolgin

Robyn photo

Robyn will begin the program with a lively, interactive discussion on the qualities of an Empowered Woman. You’ll assess where you stand in the field of power and the numerous ways you can step into your power.

Robyn Dolgin has been providing inspiration and empowerment for many years through her teaching, her thought-provoking monthly Coloradoan column and involvement in the fields of horticulture, Feng Shui, alternative health and the visual arts. Her passion for balance and personal health intentionally support efforts promoting care of the natural world. Robyn’s company, Wild Iris Living, creates healing spaces with beautiful, water conserving landscapes and highly productive edible gardens through design, consultation, maintenance and pruning services.

Robyn Dolgin


Creative Wordplay

Create with Christi Wich


Christi will walk you through using the principles of creative alchemy, With a creative awareness exercise, she will then help you to rewire your brain using creative wordplay to refocus your Self-talk and honor your personal intentions.

Through the marriage of creativity and mindfulness, Christi passionately guides women to tap into their authentic Selves with ART, mindfulness, and the creation of community. Christi facilitates active exploration of Self through in-person and online mixed-media classes, ARTful Journaling, ARTistic RoundRobins, and ART swaps, and also offers private Anam Cara sessions, Red Tent groups, and Creative and Spiritual ARTreats.

Christi Wich
The Creative Underground
1636 S College Avenue
Fort Collins, CO 80525

Accessing your Empowered Self

Experience with Dr. Tara Zeller

Tara Zeller photo


Tara will guide you though an exercise to reveal what prevents you from truly embodying your Empowered Self. Together we will experience and embrace our multidimensional Selves as a pathway to healing.


Dr. Tara Zeller is a natural medicine physician, teacher and author who merges science, health, and spirituality to bring you to a place of higher vibration and understanding of your multi-dimensional selves.  Dr Tara has studied both western and eastern perspectives on health and disease and how it relates to spirituality, which expands her understanding of the human experience. Native to Fort Collins, Colorado, she serves the community through her Natural Medicine and chiropractic practice, as well as leading transformational workshops and authoring articles on spirituality and health.

Dr. Tara Zeller, D.C.
Alignment Natural Medicine

Doors open for check-in at 8:00 AM, workshop ends promptly at 12:30 PM
Light refreshments will be provided with an emphasis on zero waste.
Seating is limited, be sure to register early,
$40 through Monday, February 15th
$45 beginning Tuesday, February 16th

Tickets available above or by calling Sandy Schafer at:  970 493 4034
EmpoweredYou@Sonderyn.com for questions

This event is presented by Sonderyn
Empowering you to make the choices and take the steps to live your BEST Life!